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Below you will find some links to Industry 4.0 use cases, reports, presentations that you may find useful for your Industry 4.0 journey/projects. Here you will also find links to the EU initiative ‘Digitising Europe’s Industry’ and to our neighbour countries national initiatives on promoting digitisation in industry.

If you have some interesting news, reports, presentations related to Industry 4.0 topics or if you want to share your Industry 4.0 use case with other companies, please contact D4I.


Conference ‘How to start with Industry 4.0 in SMEs’ – 24 November 2017
‘Industry 4.0 for SME’ – Prof. Dr. Peter Plapper
‘Practical Roadmap for Industry 4.0 – Introduction in SME’ – Prof. Dr. Thomas Korne
‘Funding your Industry 4.0 project’ – Luxinnovation/MECE

Conference ‘Robotics and AI in Logistics’ – 21st November 2017
‘How to meet the global challenges in Industry 4.0 and robotics through performance logistics and supply chains’, Malik Zeniti, Director Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg
‘How CSCMP supports supply chain professionals to build competence and inspires smart logistics’
‘The new European FANUC customisation and Distribution Center’, Paul Ribus, General Manager, FANUC Benelux; Andrea Scammacca, Head of European Supply Chain, FANUC Europe
‘Deep Learning Guided Robotics’, Herbert ten Have, CEO, FIZYR
‘Say ‘Hello’ to Watson on the Shopfloor – AI and Cognitive Manufacturing in Action’, Thorsten Schröer, IBM Deutschland GmbH

Workshop ‘Industry 4.0 – Analytics for industrial applications’ – 24 October 2017
‘Goodyear – Smart tires for smart freight transport’
‘LIST – Business Analytics for Industry 4.0 Fast-Track’

Industry 4.0, HPC and Big DATA – October 2017
Funding and support opportunities for Luxembourg’s manufacturing industry
Presentation: Opportunities & Support Mechanisms

Workshop ‘Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 – May 2017
Presentation: Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0

‘Digital4Industry’ Conference – October 2016
Industrie 4.0 – digital transformation towards smart factories
Making Analytics Viable in Enterprises: Potential routes for Industry 4.0
FANUC – Intelligent ideas for smart factories